Q&A with Andy

Andy as 1750 Wealthy Man.jpgTell us a little bit about what you do at Stockport Museums

I oversee the technical aspect of Stockport’s museum sites, which includes programming and installing touchscreen kiosks & listening posts, assisting with exhibition installations and re-displays and operating AV equipment for events. I have also been known to dress up in period costume, as can be seen in my picture.

What is the best bit about what you do?

My job is varied, so I don’t really have a favourite bit. One day I could be converting a 1940’s radio to play period music, the next day I could be welding a box together to house a push button for an interactive.

Which element of the Heads UP programme did you undertake and why? 

I recently completed the MODES user course as part of Heads UP to relieve the workload of colleagues after I have installed or removed an object from display. In the past I would let the collections team know where something has gone. Now I can do it myself!

How have you used your new found skills? 

Since the training I have been returning objects from a recent exhibition back to lenders and updating the locations myself.

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