Trimmed by Sharon at Hat Works

I recently attended a hat trimming workshop at Hat Works, and thought I would share with you what I learned in the 3 hour workshop. A selection of hats in our museum shop are proudly labelled, ‘Trimmed by Sharon at Hat Works Museum’.


It can make a mass produced hat unique to you, for very little cost.

You can match it to an outfit.

You can give an old hat a new lease of life

It is fun to learn to do something new  

It’s  a chance to use your creativity.



A Hat

Petersham ribbon .

[This is a ribbed ribbon which looks similar to grosgrain ribbon, HOWEVER IT IS NOT THE SAME . It is important to buy Petersham, and not grosgrain to be able to successfully  re trim your hat .

A way to tell the difference is by looking at the long edges of the ribbon. Petersham has small loops running along the edges, but grosgrain does not.

A needle and thread


An iron (PREFERABLY STEAM) and ironing board

How to re trim a hat using two colours, and two different widths of ribbon

  1. If your hat already has a trim, remove it carefully . You may want to re use at a later date.
  2. Measure around the  crown of the hat  with the new Petersham  ribbon, allowing an extra  6- 8  cm  surplus before cutting

3. Cut  the second piece of ribbon to the same length as the first

4.Cut a separate piece of petersham approximately 2.5 times longer than the width of the widest ribbon that you are using for the trim . Cut the second piece  to the same length.

5.Fold the two short pieces of ribbon around the width of the longer piece, iron them flat, and stitch the pieces where they overlap on the underside to secure .DO NOT STITCH TO THE LONG PIECE OF RIBBON . This creates a piece that you will be able use to cover over the trim where it joins .



6.To ensure the  ribbon trim is a snug fit around the hat it needs to be ironed until it has a curve.

7. To create a curve, hold the ribbon tight and run the iron along one long side whilst pulling the ribbon towards you . Petersham will stretch more on the side that is ironed, creating a curve . THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH ANY OTHER TYPE OF RIBBON .


8.Wrap  the ribbon around the hat and see if it is sitting flush. Do the same with the second ribbon .

9.Once happy the ribbons  are curved enough to  sit flat to the hat, put in a few small stitches to hold the narrow ribbon to the wider ribbon.  

10.Slide the smaller loop of ribbon( made in steps 4& 5)   onto the longer ribbon.


11. Pull the ribbon tight around the hat and where it overlaps stitch together. DO NOT STITCH TO THE HAT.

12. Adjust the ribbon so the join is mid- way down one side, and then slide the looped  ribbon over the join to hide the stitches, and to give the hat a decorative finish .

13. Once in place, tack the ribbon trim to the hat with small stitches in a couple of places to prevent it moving.

14.Well done, your hat is now finished !

15.  Enjoy wearing your new hat!

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