The Great Pack Up Begins

You may have read that big things are afoot at Hat Works. Well work began in earnest on the 1st of October to pack our collections on The Gallery of Hats. This means the gallery is now closed so we can open cases, condition check the hats and pack them into protective boxes before building work takes place to create our new learning space on this floor.



With 338 items (mostly hats) on display in this gallery, and over 200 additional items stored in our exhibition / glass store, it has been very important to use a system to record what is being packed and where it is being stored. This is what we use ‘Modes’ our collections database for. You can find out more about Modes from Hannah’s post here:

We are getting there one case at a time and making discoveries as we go. One of the most challenging aspects of displaying hats is protecting them from light damage. This is why the Gallery of Hats has been kept so dark. Being able to view the hats outside the case in better light has helped us appreciate the how amazing the hats in our care are. When the collection is re-displayed we will be upgrading the lighting so that everyone can appreciate this!

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