All the bells & whistles!

How good would it be to feel the vibration and hear the rattle of Victorian hatting machines working on the factory floor again?

Well it’s full steam ahead as restoration has just begun on these magnificent beasts. Specialist engineers will carefully bring them back to life by replacing old gearing systems and corrosive wiring, repairing leather pulleys and removing cotton dust.  

Then they’ll be jet cleaned, polished, oiled and ready to work once more – some might even blow steam again and get their whistles back! This work will take many months and there will be challenges along the way.

New parts will be required and bespoke moulds will need to be cast to make them. The largest machinery will be lifted by giant hoists to enable restoration and the smallest components will be cared for with soft cloths and tiny toothbrushes. 

A grant from The Association for Industrial Archaeology has made this possible and we couldn’t be more excited. Make sure you’re signed up to this blog to receive updates to your inbox. 


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